Anonymous asked:
Soooooo... no cum?

sigh… NO!

Anonymous asked:
Your belly button is sexy. Could you post a pic after you wank so we can see it full of your load? Not nude just your stomach.

… I don’t even know why I’m answering this.

When I say ‘no nudes’ that means everything thats sexually explicit. What you ask for totally falls into that category. So no, I won’t be posting that kind of picture (I don’t even post such pics of other guys on my blog, what makes you think I would post a pic of myself like that!?)

Anonymous asked:
To the other anon - I've seen him nude. It's pretty impressive but just use your imagination and you can probably imagine close enough.

Sure you have :p.

You’ll have to do with this I’m afraid :p (banana for scale :D)