Anonymous asked:
heb je al veel jongens gepijpt?

Dat ga ik nu eens niet aan een anonymous vertellen se ^^.

Hier is een banaan als excuse :p

Made a snapchat specifically for my tumblr followers :p

Update: made an error first time, it’s fixed now ^^. Correct username = “omgthatsmeee”.


Send me a snap and I’ll send you one back ^^. Username: “Omgthatsmeee”.


lurid-sight asked:
wait just kidding; i cant find your snapchat :///

Yep thats fixed now ^^

Anonymous asked:
I tried to add you on snapchat but it says you don't exist.

Indeed just verified, I made an error in my snapchat username :s!!!

So, I fixed it => the definitive, correct, username is “omgthatsmeee" (it should work now :p).

Anonymous asked:
Why don't you celebrate 1000 notes by posting new pictures of yourself.

I could, I’m just lazy :p. And I don’t have inspiration for new pictures. Feel free to suggest any ideas ^^ (no nudes ofc :p)


Daniel DH @ Ulla Models.Photographed by Mark Uyl

Height :187 cm / 6 ft 2 inchChest :93 cm / 37 inchWaist :87 cm / 34¼ inchHips :99 cm / 39 inchShoe size :45 / 12Suit size :48 / 38Eye color :BlueHair color :Dark blonde